barci-peri-periI am a pollo-pescetarian, which means that I eat only poultry, fish and seafood when it comes to my non-vegetarian options. I cut out beef and pork from my diet nearly 20 years ago so I always look for places to eat that don’t mainly focus on red meat. One of the restaurants I love going to is Nando’s because their focus is chicken and they have a unique PERi-PERi sauce that’s super tasty. I love spicy food, but spicy with flavour and not totally burning up my mouth, so their sauce is perfect because it’s delicious and they give you options for how hot you want it to be.

So when I got invited to a Familia Style Dinner at their new restaurant in Richmond, BC I knew I was in for a treat! Getting to sample all their tasty food, meet with a bunch of local foodies who appreciate tasty chicken, and even try to make my own PERi-PERi sauce all sounded like a pretty sweet way to spend an evening. :-)

Since I do a live stream every weekdaypocketlive-nandos at 5pm PST on PocketLIVE where I’m cooking dinner for myself and my boyfriend, on this evening I postponed my broadcast a bit so I could instead show off the event and the food that was being made for me for a change! I ended up doing a full hour broadcast showing each dish that we was served along with what ended up being a competition for who could recreate the best PERi-PERi sauce. Unfortunately because I was so wrapped up broadcasting it all I didn’t actually have a chance to enter the competition myself, or I’m sure I would have won… I mean, come on – how many of these people had been practicing by cooking their own sauces for weeks on the internet? 😉

Regardless, I had a delicious time and I have some tasty news for you if you live in the Greater Vancouver Area because on Saturday, January 28th, the first 100 early birds after 11am at their new Richmond Garden City location (4711 McClelland Rd) will receive a free quarter chicken meal including Nando’s famous PERi-PERi fries and a Coca-Cola Freestyle beverage. They even us the exclusive story on this to release to our readers ahead of it going out to general press so you could be the first to know!

If you’re not in the lower mainland then you may not be able to get a free meal, but you can still at least try out their tasty food at locations all over the world including other parts of Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and of course South Africa, where they started!

Thanks to Nando’s for having me at this event, giving me all the tasty food, and even sending me home with my own labeled bottle of PERi-PERi sauce!