13225444Have you ever had a bad day at work? You know, one of those days where just nothing seems to work out and you find yourself exhausted and just not in the mood for anything? OK, to be fair, for a lot of people, that’s just every day. But that’s just because we all wish we could go back to being kids and relaxing, right? Yeah, pretty much.

Well, trust us, you’ve probably never had as bad of a day as the guy in today’s viral video. Well, unless you got your hose caught in a spinning brush and got spun around quickly with the entire thing going viral. Did we just accidentally spoil the video? Well, we apologize. It was kinda just too awesome not to spoil. It’s just how things go.

Yes, this guy needs to ask for a raise or some serious time off, because he had a heck of a time when his hose got caught in the spinning brush. How many people can say that happened to them at work? Well, this guy can.

Thankfully, despite probably being a bit frightened and dizzy afterwards, the man does seem to be OK after going through the brushes. Even though the video of what happened has now been seen by a ton of people. So the only thing that might be hurt right now is his self esteem. But hey, let’s look on the bright side here. There’s at least some good news: the person using it didn’t end up using hot wax. So it’s not a totally sad story, right?

While this was definitely not an ideal day for the star of the video, it did end up being pretty fun to watch. Even if some of us now might be super afraid to go to the car wash now. After all, this is kinda like some kind of horror movie. The Phantom Car Wash! Hey, we’re writing that down. Don’t steal that idea. We could be millionaires.

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