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Today, people are talking about David Arquette. According to reports, the Hollywood actor confirmed his separation with actress Courtney Cox, his wife of 11 years, in a joint statement yesterday afternoon. But it seems for Arquette that a written statement won’t suffice when he appeared on Howard Stern’s controversial radio show to spill the beans about the intimate details of his failed marriage with Cox, as well as their sex life. Youch!

Next, people are talking about #waystoaskforsex. In case you lack the mojos and the know-how to get someone in the sheets with you, then you may turn to tweeters today for the answer. They’ve got plenty of advice and tips to share!

And finally today, people are talking about K-pop star Kim Hee Chul. Kim Hee Chul is a member of the Korean boyband Super Junior and is deemed as the Asian Justin Bieber (although his fans apparently hate that), which is why he’s actually been on the trends for the past few days.

Let’s check out the video to see what tweeters are saying about our topics for today:

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