dobg1There’s no doubt that cats have been the kings and queens of the internet for years now. Just think about the early days of YouTube. It seemed like all everyone could talk about was the up-and-coming celebrity cats that ruled the internet of the late 2000s. You know, the days of Myspace. Much simpler times.

Well, while a surfing cat and a cat playing piano might be pretty amazing sights to behold, where’s the love for dogs? After all, they’re pretty well known as man’s best friend. Why shouldn’t that apply to the internet too? Hopefully, after seeing his video, people will start thinking that way.

Today’s extra cute viral video focuses on a dog named Quincy. OK, that’s enough to talk about on its own, right? I mean, how awesome is it to name a dog Quincy? Most dogs have names like Ruffles or Rex or Chewy. Quincy sounds more like someone at a Great Gatsby party than a dog park. We may be getting a bit off topic here.

But Quincy isn’t your everyday dog. He’s a bit more on the, to put it lighly, overprotective side. Whenever his owner attempts to take away his prized pet, this dog gets just a little upset. And by “just a little upset” we mean that he throws a total loud-barking temper tantrum. But, c’mon, it’s a dog. It’s adorable when they do things like that.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t even the only time that Quincy has made a popular appearance on the internet. In fact, the YouTube channel that features videos of Quincy has no shortage of his extremely cute online escapades. Boasting over 100,000 subscribers, the main hub for Quincy’s videos has quite a treasure trove of good videos. Cute animals on the internet? Who would have thought that could get views?

But we’ve been ignoring the absolute best part of this video: the screaming the owner does whenever Quincy barks. Have you ever heard anything like that before? Even on a place like the internet? Of course you haven’t! That’s one terrifying scream. If this dude wants to move on from making YouTube videos he’ll always have the possibility of being an extra in the next Friday The 13th movie. But, then again, who would want to do that when you can keep making cute videos of dogs all day?

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