Sassy Sunday

A week in Puerto Vallarta for PRIDE!

I just got back from an amazing trip to the Puerto Vallarta area for Pride! I spent a week in that Mexican city and the Riviera Nayarit attending things like a drag derby, the pride parade, and pool parties, as well as going on fun boat rides, staying at great hotels, and eating incredible food!  I love going to Pride festivals and this one certainly didn’t disappoint […]

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Amazing trip to nature in Squamish, BC

I live in Vancouver, BC and a popular getaway for myself and my friends is to drive 2 hours North to Whistler. It’s a great, outdoorsy destination, and sometimes on the way we stop for gas or a snack about half way there in a small city called Squamish. That’s been the only reason I’ve had to stop there… or so I thought until now!

The […]

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The Museum of Vancouver on a Rainy Day

It rains a lot in Vancouver. And I mean a lot. During the winter we’re spared the snow that most of Canada gets, but in exchange we’re given tons and tons of rain. And it can be hard to come up with things to do when it’s always raining. But if you look around, there are all kinds of alternatives to just watching a movie […]

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The Bill Reid Art Gallery & Flyover Canada

I’m back to doing to doing Sassy Sunday vlogs using my Snapchat story (ie. collection of Snapchat posts from a 24 hour period). It’s a cool way to show what my boyfriend and I get up to on a day off together and this time it included brunch at Village Bistro, a visit to the Bill Reid Art Gallery, a stop at the Healthy Family […]

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