Sassy Sunday

The Museum of Vancouver on a Rainy Day

It rains a lot in Vancouver. And I mean a lot. During the winter we’re spared the snow that most of Canada gets, but in exchange we’re given tons and tons of rain. And it can be hard to come up with things to do when it’s always raining. But if you look around, there are all kinds of alternatives to just watching a movie […]

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The Bill Reid Art Gallery & Flyover Canada

I’m back to doing to doing Sassy Sunday vlogs using my Snapchat story (ie. collection of Snapchat posts from a 24 hour period). It’s a cool way to show what my boyfriend and I get up to on a day off together and this time it included brunch at Village Bistro, a visit to the Bill Reid Art Gallery, a stop at the Healthy Family […]

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A fun week in Las Vegas for gay friends!

I spent a week in Las Vegas, Nevada with my friend Andy Vee, who’s also involved in the LGBT media industry (as a gay travel writer) and we had an absolutely incredible time! We ate, saw shows, ate, drank fancy beverages, ate, did some gambling… and ATE… among other things. 😉

The trip was planned for us by The Cosmopolitan, Palms Casino Resort, and The Palazzo […]

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Snapchat Stories with my new boyfriend!

So far the social media platform of the year seems to be snapchat. Whereas last year a lot of my friends thought of it only as a place to get temporary photos of people’s naughty bits, now most of them are actually using it and understanding the fun things you can do with it that aren’t X rated!

I was barely ever using it myself last […]

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