Sassy Sunday

I flew to Saskatchewan for a football game!

In a totally random turn of events I found myself flying to Regina for a weekend to see a CFL game! TELUS invited me to join them on a special #AllConnected trip known as Operation Orange where a select group of us got to join the BC Lions on their weekend trip to battle it out on the field against the Saskatchewan Roughriders!

We flew on […]

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Finishing LAST at the Vancouver Pride Run & Walk

It’s commonly said that “nice guys finish last.” And I’d like to think this is just another example of that. 😆

With a few special guests (my best friend Mary, her toddler, and a puppy that I was dog sitting), we participated in the Vancouver Pride Walk & Run. It’s a great event that I’ve participated in before as well because I love going to as […]

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Gays go to Hell (‘s Gate)

OK, let’s get this out of the way right out of the gate: yes, this place is called Hell’s Gate. As in the place that you’d think would lead to hell. But this place was absolutely not hell in any sense of the word! In fact, the only hell someone could likely experience here is the sunburn you could feel if you don’t put on […]

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A romantic getaway with my boyfriend in British Columbia!

Let’s face it, we all need a getaway every once in a while. When we work hard we deserve a little time to relax, right? Well, you know what’s even better than a simple getaway? A ROMANTIC getaway. Because romance makes everything better. 😉

Well, in today’s video, we take a look at a great spot for a gay couple, or any relationship for that matter: […]

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