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Sea Lion DRAGS GIRL into the Water!

Sea lions are adorable. They’re furry and bounce balls on their nose, what more could you ask for? They’re basically just giant dogs that live in the water, right? Well, in addition to all the adorable things they do, one also kinda dragged a young girl into the water in a viral video. Which, to be fair, was the title of this video. So you probably […]

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Top 10 Surprising Secrets about Arizona!

The desert is an interesting place. Where else can you experience the wonder of a hot sun, cactuses (or is it cacti?), and mirages in one place? Well, at least that’s how they show it in the movies. Well, the lovely state of Arizona happens to be home to not only a desert, but plenty of interesting facts. For example, did you know that over […]

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OK, be honest. The title of this video says it all, right? We don’t have to explain any further, do we? OK, fine. We will explain. Well, in today’s viral video, we take a look at a violinist playing a beautiful song…who just happens to be combine his musical art with the aerial arts, all while showing his incredible physique. See? The title did say it […]

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Hilariously Inappropriate Drawings by Kids!

Let’s be honest, kids are hilarious. There’s just something about the way they don’t understand everything that’s both extremely adorable and really, really funny. Well, the best example of this is their drawings, which can often be quite inappropriate. And hilarious. After all, who doesn’t love when the best drawing a kid can do of their mom is her drinking wine alone? Or a drawing of […]

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