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Weirdest Socks | Top 10 WEIRD Socks!

Socks are needed pretty much whenever you get ready. Well, unless you find wearing sandals a lot. Then you won’t need socks. Where are we going with this again? Oh, yeah, socks. Well, as wonderful as socks are, there are also some pretty weird options out there. And we decided to count them down in a wonderful video for you to watch. You know, the […]

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Bear Rides Around On a Motorcycle!

Are you ever just driving around and see something insane? Like when you’re driving and see someone not wearing a shirt while driving. Or when you see someone with trash bags instead of windows while driving. Or when you see someone trying to put on makeup while also eating something and also somehow texting. Oh, and driving at the same time. People sometimes!

Well, regardless, there’s […]

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Top 10 Friday the 13th Facts

Everyone has the occasional unlucky day. Maybe you were dressed to impress only to spill coffee on your favorite outfit. Or maybe you had plans with friends only to find out that nobody can make it. Or maybe you were so busy all day that you didn’t get the chance to watch another wonderful episode of the Sassy Scoop. Let’s be honest, that’s the m0st […]

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Top 10 CRAZY Kickstarters!

Kickstarter is a pretty amazing place. After all, where else could you get your wildest ideas completely funded? Well, maybe the other websites that are kinda similar to Kickstarter. But we’re not talking about those today. And, to be honest, we’re not even talking about amazing ideas today. No, today we’re focusing on the weirdest and craziest Kickstarters. How crazy are we talking? Well…

For example, […]

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