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Top 10 Little Known Facts about EASTER!

It’s time for Easter! That’s right, the time of year where we decorate boiled eggs for…reasons and ravenously devour  chocolate bunnies. However, there’s some pretty interesting facts about the holiday you may not be aware of. For example, did you know that 3/4 of people eat the ears of the chocolate bunny first? Seems a bit sadistic when you really think about it. Did you […]

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There are may questions that seem to exist throughout time. Is there a meaning of existence? Is there life beyond Earth? And, most importantly, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Well, while there’s still no word on those first two, we at least now officially know how many licks it takes to get the craved core of […]

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Top 10 BIZARRE Inventions | Unusual & Strange Creations | Inventor’s Month!

Happy inventors month! And no, this isn’t some first of April prank. You see, April is about more than just April Fools Day. It’s actually also a month to celebrate all the amazing inventions we’ve had over the years. But that’s not what were focusing on today. Instead, lets take a look at dome of the weirdest inventions we’ve seen throughout the years. Like a […]

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ESCALATOR MALFUNCTION Throws People On Top of Each Other!

Escalators are always so nice, aren’t they? Sometimes it just feels so good to stand relaxed for a little but while you take a break from shopping. Or be dramatically whipped the other way and thrown onto a pile of people. Either way. Yes, that was the case in a Honk Kong mall just a few days ago, where there were multiple injuries and two […]

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