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Top 10 Crazy Facts about your HEART!

Your heart is pretty important. If you didn’t know that… you may want to consider re-taking high school health class. Pretty sure they should have gone over that at some point. Because it’s such a vitally important organ, you can imagine that it’s not only complicated, but has some pretty interesting facts around it. For example, did you know that sex, moderate drinking, and even […]

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Blowing up a printer with fireworks!

What is it about printers that continually seem to fail us? Whether you’re simply trying to print out a birthday card or a pizza coupon, there’s a pretty significant chance you’re going to have the paper jam, ink run out, or the whole thing turn out messy. Well, a few guys decided to do what we’ve all felt like doing from time to time – […]

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Top 10 LEAST ROMANTIC Valentine’s Day Cards!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! It’s time to make that last minute dash to the grocery store to get whatever flowers and candy they have left. (Which become mysteriously inexpensive and plentiful the next day.) However, if you feel like the honeymoon phase is long over, you might not be quite as romantic. So why not get some cards that not only explain that the romance […]

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You see some pretty crazy things on the internet. From insane blink-if-you-miss-it moments to the endless barrage of adorable cat videos (OK, not so much crazy as cute), YouTube has plenty of unbelievable content to offer. Well, today’s video not only qualifies as one of the stranger moments on the web, but also one of the scarier. The video shows footage of a snow-covered road […]

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