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I’m going to Squamish for the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference!

Last month I went to Las Vegas for a week and had an awesome time with all the bright lights, fast paced excitement, and non-stop vibe of the city. For my next trip media trip I’m going somewhere that’s pretty much the complete opposite of all that – Squamish, BC! With a population of only about 20K people, located in the wilderness of British Columbia, […]

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A Day at the Park with my Babies (Sassy Sunday)

I moved to Vancouver, BC about 8 years ago from Alberta (the province next door if you’re not overly familiar with Canada’s geography) and one of the big things that pulled me over to this part of the country was the amazing downtown area.  There’s not only all kinds of cool shopping and restaurants and clubs, but also multiple beaches and a huge park […]

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Vodka Tasting & Tipsy Interviewing (Sassy Sunday)

I got to attend a vodka tasting event last week where I was treated to a variety of delicious beverages and appetizers along with a few other Vancouver bloggers. I decided to make a video out of it for my YouTube channel, which was a dangerous proposition considering how there was a good chance that I, and everyone else in the video, could end up […]

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Talking about YouTube on the radio

The year is coming to a close and YouTube has put out their year in review video called YouTube Rewind.  Around the same time last year I actually was interviewed on a Vancouver radio station to talk about the top videos of the year and not long after that did interviews on two Kamloops radio stations about YouTube marketing and viral videos in general.  […]

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