Did you know that you can buy YouTube views? There are companies/people who offer thousands of views on your video for a price.  I have to admit that about a year and a half ago my brother & I decided to try it out on our Brothers TV YouTube channel after finding someone on eBay offering to do just that.  The deal was for 15,000 views for what I think was under $50 if I recall correctly.  We figured it was worth a shot at getting us on the most viewed list with our next video at the time.  Well, we did get just over 15,000 views in the first few days of the video going up – but it didn’t really do anything and didn’t get us on the most viewed list.  Today that video only has a total 17,000 views a year and a half later.

Now before you start freaking out because I tried to buy some views, in reality YouTube offers something very similar themselves.  It’s called Promoted Videos and involves you paying YouTube directly on a per-view basis for them to essentially advertise any videos you want to pay for.  Many Americans are doing it and it’s perfectly acceptable – my case was just trying to do it in a less expensive and less effective way before the promoted videos option even existed through YouTube (and as I’ve written in a previous post, Promoted Videos still aren’t even available to Canadians yet anyway).

Anyway, the way I did it for that one video wouldn’t work now anyway because YouTube has come up with ways of determining if views are real or not, which is why when you upload a video the counter will stop at 300 and some views until the next day when their system is able to analyze if the rest of the views are legit and should be counted.

But now there’s a company that’s offering to buy you friends and fans on Facebook, by the thousands.  uSocial says they’ll give you up to 5000 Facebook friends or 10,000 Facebook fans (although they say the friends option is temporarily unavailable).  The cheapest option is $197 for 1000 fans and it goes up to $1167.30 for 10,000 fans.

Why would anyone want fake fans? Well, I suppose there’s the possibility that some would actually be interested in following you and becoming real fans, but I think it’s mostly to make you look popular.  Which sounds so high school, but in reality having a large number of fans can give you perceived credibility that can help convince others to become fans when they check out your fan page and even help with things like getting hired to do workshops or seminars and that sort of thing.  I don’t even have a fan page yet, so it’s not something I’ll be investing in any time soon for myself anyway.  😉

What do you think? Is this a total scam?  Does it abuse Facebook and the people who use the site?  Or is it a clever way to get yourself some more exposure and making you look more credible?

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Josh, I completely agree with you. He’s an arrogant, thoughless prick. (Tania B.)
PS: How the hell did the comments on your vid go from Kanye to a religious discussion? I see no natural progression at all. Very funny.

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