Wikipedia, the largest online encyclopedia, is a great place to find information on almost anything you can think of.  I visit it a lot whenever I’m wondering “whatever happened to” or “what does this mean” or “what happened here”.  It’s also a place where you can find details on TV shows and actors.  So naturally I wanted to get myself on there and when I had a TV show a few years ago I wanted that to get on there too.  Well, it turns out that it’s actually really difficult to get listed.  First of all, you can’t make a page for yourself, so that’s a pretty big problem right off the bat.  If you aren’t going to make one for yourself, you basically have to be quite well known already for someone else to go to all the time and effort to start one for you.  Secondly, it’s really difficult to make one if you aren’t familiar already with what goes into a Wikipedia page.  It’s not just typing in information and clicking save.  There are all kinds of processes and procedures, plus they require proof and evidence from other sources on the net… it’s definitely not for the average person to try to do.

So when my show ended I pretty much had given up on having it listed in Wikipedia, and then one day to my delight, a mere 6 years later – voila!  There it was: the Wikipedia page for Brothers TV.  The write up about it is actually pretty good and seems to be a mix of what’s on the Brothers TV website and what was written in newspaper reviews.   It doesn’t reference how the show later got picked up by Novus TV in Vancouver, but that may be largely due to the fact that there’s no references to pull from that would prove that, other than it being written on our own site.  Regardless, I’m just happy to see it up there because Wikipedia ranks really high in Google, in addition to just being some decent recognition for what we had accomplished with that show.

So now I just have to hope that everything I’ve been doing since that show to get famous online pays off and soon enough hopefully I’ll get a Wikipedia page for myself!  Then I’ll know I’ve really hit the big time. 😉

What do you think? Are you mentioned in a Wikipedia page or do you have your work (or even yourself) listed?  Do you think it matters if you’re in there or not?