bearAre you ever just driving around and see something insane? Like when you’re driving and see someone not wearing a shirt while driving. Or when you see someone with trash bags instead of windows while driving. Or when you see someone trying to put on makeup while also eating something and also somehow texting. Oh, and driving at the same time. People sometimes!

Well, regardless, there’s no doubt that you’ll often see something crazy when you’re driving around. We guess that’s just part of being a human. But this video show something much stranger than anything you’ve most likely seen on the road. Well, unless you’ve seen a bear driving on the road. Did we just spoil what happens in the video? Sorry if we did.

Anyways, where were we going with this? Oh yeah, the viral video of the day we may have totally just accidentally spoiled.

Yes, you see, there just happened to be a recent viral video where a man driving around Russia saw something you definitely don’t see on a daily basis: a bear riding around in a motorcycle sidecar. Now this obviously does beg many questions. Not the least of which being what in the heck was going on? No, we’re mostly wondering where exactly this bear was going. Was there a bear convention in town? Was it just that usual time of year where bears ride around on motorcycle sidecars throughout Russia? Is that something that happens usually? We haven’t heard of that before!!

Wait, we didn’t even mention the very best part of this story yet, did we? You see, this was more than just a bear driving around in a sidecar. At one point, the bear takes out a horn and begins playing it. We’ll give you a second to take that in. So, all in all, does that mean that maybe this bear was going to go to some kind of all-bear musical review? Where bears play cellos, harps, percussion and even backup vocals? Hey, that actually sounds pretty amazing! Where do you get tickets for that??

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