12323Everybody loves a good party. What’s better than free food, free booze, and lots of people around you? Well, not very much if we’re being honest. Plus, it really sweetens the deal for it’s a party for you. Because you get all of those awesome things above along with the added benefit of getting some attention. Which is always pretty sweet, right?

Well, today we see a party that gets crashed by an uninvited guest. Well, kind of an unwanted guest. We’ll explain later. Uninvited guests aren’t always the worst thing in the world, right? Sometimes they’ll bring food and booze and even make it look like more people are celebrating your big event! Or they’ll drink all the free booze and eat all the free food without you noticing. Hmm, maybe there’s a reason they’re uninvited guests.

Well, in today’s video, we are taking a look at one of the single greatest uninvited guests to ever be seen on the internet. And that’s saying something, because pretty much everything’s on the internet. The guest? A huge bear that showed up way too late to the party. But, just for the sake of the awesome video, we’ll say the bear was fashionably late. We’ve all been there.

Apparently, there was a birthday party the day before and the bear decided it would be a good idea to grab the leftovers: an entire cake that had been left out. We’ve all been there, too.

This bear needs some serious attention for that. It ate an entire birthday cake completely on its own after all! We think that deserves a medal at the very least. At least it didn’t do the whole thing where it only gets a tiny slice or something like that. Isn’t it terrible when people do that? Come on, life is short. Eat some cake! Learn a little something from the bear and enjoy yourself.

Wait a second, did you realize something a bit off about this story? These people left out AN ENTIRE BIRTHDAY CAKE! Who does that?!? Sure, we’ve all been forgetful here and there, but we’re talking about a delicious cake here. That’s not something you just leave out in your backyard. Thank goodness there was a bear in the area to take care of those leftovers.

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