1Why are people so rude these days? Some people would say it’s because of technology. Because, let’s be honest, you can blame pretty much anything on technology. Or maybe it’s millenials. We can still blame them for everything, right? Well, whatever it is, people are definitely getting ruder. And in one are in particular. Which is the topic of today’s video. What, you didn’t read the title yet? Whatever, just keep reading.

Well, in one particular area, people are getting much ruder. And no, we’re not talking about people walking around using selfie sticks and knocking into everybody. (Yes, it’s happened to everybody.) No, today we’re talking about the new kingdom of rudeness: airplanes.

But we’re not focusing on the rudeness of the actual airport emplyees here. Although, if we’re being honest, e could probably do an entire post on that right. Especially about certain airlines who must not be named who refuse to give you proper customer service and hit you with as many fees as possible as often as possible.

How often has this happened: you’re sitting there, ready to enjoy a relaxing flight and then everything that can go wrong goes wrong: some kid sitting behind you begins kicking the seat. The person in front of you reclines their seat too much. And, not helping the situation at all, the people to the right and left of you have no idea what the concept of personal space is. So, after spending hundreds of dollars to simple go from point A to point B, you’re presented with one of the most unpleasent situations of your life.

However, today’s viral video takes a more lighthearted look at the world of rude fellow passengers. When a woman had the passenger behind her prop her bare feet up on the seat, she reacted in the best possible way. And by that we ean she recorded her horrified face while panning back and forth to the naked feet. Not only is this a hilarious video, it’s also a great response to someone doing something that’s quite rude. Not only did it add a bit of anonymous shame to the ower of the feet, it turned the rude act into a piece of comedy, possibly warning future passengers not to absentmindedly do something so rude. Perhaps this will begin a whole new era of blissful politeness amongst airplane passengers. …Eh, we’ll believe it when we see it.

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