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Josh Rimer produces and hosts "The Sassy Scoop", uploaded on YouTube twice a week and seen every day on OUTtv, across Canada! Josh is a gay YouTuber and blogger based in Vancouver, BC who's also a TV host / personality on the only Canadian LGBT network!

Rat TERRIFIES Cat! 🐀🆚🐈 | Rat Attack !

Let’s be honest, not many people like rats. Right? There’s a good amount of reasons not to when you think about it: they spread disease, they’re dirty, they bite, and they’ve got those tails that are all gross and worm-like. So they’re basically just a hamster with a worm glued to it. Doesn’t that sound adorable?

In fact, it’s a little strange that so many rodents […]

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Top 10 WEIRD Comic Books!

It seems like comic books are all the rage these days. Well, maybe not so much the actual books themselves because, let’s be honest, who reads those anymore? No, we’re talking about the movies. How often have you stopped by the movie theater only to see brand new Spider-Man movies, brand new Batman movies, and some brand new movie where they all team up that will […]

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BARE FEET on a Woman’s Airplane Seat!

Why are people so rude these days? Some people would say it’s because of technology. Because, let’s be honest, you can blame pretty much anything on technology. Or maybe it’s millenials. We can still blame them for everything, right? Well, whatever it is, people are definitely getting ruder. And in one are in particular. Which is the topic of today’s video. What, you didn’t read […]

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Top 10 CRAZY Cheeseburgers!

Cheeseburgers are pretty popular menu item. After all, people tend to like a nice comforting carbo load, especially when melted cheese and bacon are involved. However, we’re not talking about your basic beef patty and cheddar cheese here. Today, we’re going over some of the craziest burgers from across the world. And, just so you know, if you think doing a double cheeseburger is CRAZY, […]

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