12Sometimes the simplest things in life are also the most fun. Like hanging out and playing a board game. Or doing a little art project. Or even watching wonderfully written video descriptions. Mostly the last one.

Well, something that’s always fun and simple is making a paper airplane. Trying to fold the paper perfectly so that it will fly majestically is both fun and challenging. But especially challenging. Seriously, have you ever tried to make one of those? It’s a lot harder than it looks.

Well, one person on YouTube clearly didn’t let that get to them, as they have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to making a paper airplane every day and throwing it. Sounds like some serious dedication if you ask us. In today’s video, the user decides to throw their paper airplane off a tall building. And, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Not the most thrilling description, is it? Well, just watch the video. It’s a lot cooler than that description made it sound. You’ll just have to trust us on this one.

Now you may be thinking, “isn’t this guy technically just littering?” And, yes, technically you’re right. But they had the wonderful foresight to not only pick up their paper airplane, but also a whole lot of other garbage around the streets. So, not only did they pick up their own mess, they also picked up a bunch of other people’s messes. Wait, people actually doing something nice on the internet? That’s a thing that actually happened? Well, just watch for yourself. It’s actually pretty nice to see.

What’s especially interesting about the video is how uninteresting it is. If that makes any sense. It’s definitely an interesting video, but was it just a light week for viral content? Did no puppys and lions cuddle this week? Just wait, someone’s probably going to steal that idea and we’ll see it in a week or so. We guarantee it. Plus, let’s be honest, that would be pretty adorable.

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